H2 & Fuel Cell Training System

H2 & Fuel Cell Training System

• H2 & Fuel Cell Training System offers the entire spectrum of current Fuel Cell technology for the technical education.
• Solar module, Electrolyzer and Fuel Cell permit the assembling and examination of a Solar-Hydrogen cycle.
• H2 & Fuel Cell Training System includes topics like working principles, efficiency and characteristics curves of Electrolyzer and Fuel Cell.
• Beside the PEM-Fuel Cell, it also contains an Ethanol-Fuel Cell in order to compare the different technologies.
• H2 Charger and H2 Storage allow for the easy generation and storage of hydrogen.
• H2 & Fuel Cell Training System includes all ancillary equipment in the robust aluminum suitcase. 


Smartgrid Renewable Training System

• Smartgrid Renewable Training System helps understanding the complex interactions between renewable energies, energy stores and consumers in a Smart Grid in vocational and technical education.
• With setting-up smart grids on a laboratory scale and its measurement and control, students will learn the electro-technical challenges of mains operations very demonstratively.
• Pre-set or user-created scenarios let the students gradually develop their knowledge with their own experiments.
• The influence of renewable energies on grid stability is one major advantage of this product.
• The students at first experience the problem within an experiment to develop approaches for increasing grid stability on their own. At the end they will verify them in practical experiments.
• Even complex concepts such as demand-side-management or conductor rope monitoring can be addressed in experiments.
• The basis for most of the experiments is the innovative Smartmeter allowing measurement and control of the energy fluxes in the experiments.
• The experiment components for renewable energies such as Wind and Photovoltaics as well as energy stores such as lithium-iron-phosphate batteries or fuel cells allow a large variety of fundamental experiments besides the smart grid experiments. 


Solar PV Training System

• Solar PV Training System is a comprehensive training system for understanding of photovoltaic in the fields of renewable energies with optimal tools for wide range of experiments from the physical fundamentals of photovoltaic, to the analysis of the components of PV-Systems, up to the design of complex PV-Systems on a laboratory scale.
• The experiments are designed to be equally employed for training of engineers, PV-installers, in-service training of technicians in-service training of technicians & for apprenticeship.
• Due to the modular setup, the very detailed specific characteristics of single components can be analyzed, such as the switching threshold of series or shunt regulators.
• Because of the integrated manual mode, the included MPP tracker enables a descriptive understanding of the really important principle of the MPP tracking.
• With the help of the PWM regulator the principle of pulse width modulated charging can be demonstrated. In addition, an inverter displays the generation of alternating current out of a solar panel current.
• The product is completed through a variety of different electrical consumables such as a super bright LED or a light bulb, which can be used to compare their efficiency & a radio, which can be powered to the solar panel. 


Thermal Energy Training System

• Thermal Energy Training System allows for the application of different technologies of solar thermal energy transformation in technical education.
• Thermal Energy Training System contains various solar collector systems, which can be operated with or without pumps.
• Thermal Energy Training System also has CSP-technology (Concentrated Solar Power) and a Peltier element for the direct transformation into electric energy.
• It includes experiments regarding the basics of thermodynamics like absorption of heat radiation & the convective flow of heat which provides a comprehensive understanding of the applied physical effects.
• Thermal Energy Training System provides flexible and location-independent usability that doesn’t require any additional equipment. 


Wind Energy Training System

• Wind Energy Training System offers you practical oriented experiments for technical training while including interesting basic experiments at the same time.
• Wind energy currently covers the highest proportion of renewable energy production.
• The demand for highly qualified staff is at a very high level due to really fast build-up of new wind power plants,
• Wind Energy Training System has many applications & is varied from vocational school to college level. 


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